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Birth. Elk River. 1995. Corn Detassler. Cashier. Otsego. Camp Counselor. Hayer. The Next Step. Screen Printer. Painter. 2000. Machine Shop Grunt. Hollywood. DJ. Clown. Pantages. Swing Shift. Talent Scout. Roach Hotel Night Clerk. Fullerton. Yogurt Slinger. Bemidji. Cedar Falls. Mover. Paper Boy. Creston. SWCC. Bartender. Voices Iowa. First Take. Fusion Dance. Music Editor. Audio Radiance. 2005. Red Wing. Ithaca. Sons Of Pitches. Laborer. The Fault Line. America’s Got Talent. Morristown. Barista. Diner Adventurer. Jackson. Barista. Actor. Singer. Off Square Theatre. SNRG. JFJH. Conductor. The Laff Staff. 2010. Calle Mambo. 8IGHTY 6IXX. Journey School Performing Arts Faculty. Back to college. Grade school faculty. Hollywood. Garbage blogger. RaDIUM. 2015. Caroler. Off-Broadway. Edinburgh. The West End. Urban car camper. LA Transfer. Subtitler. Off-broadway ‘gain.


Jeff Bratz Acting Resume

Jeff Bratz: The Website


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